The Affection Connection

What matters is not how much people like you but how much they are like you. It’s time to look beyond outcomes such as brand purchase and loyalty, and look to what really matters: the underlying psychological processes that contribute to these valuable outcomes. By looking at a consumer-psychology model, and focusing on the deepest psychological connection consumers have with brands, we know what to target: building affection, connection and passion that all lead to that most desired emotional state between humans and brands: attachment.

Beyond gathering information and beyond making sure a brand is relevant, the brands that go deep succeed when consumers form an actual attitude about the brand, become personally attached to it and connect with the brand in a brand community or “tribe”.

And nothing is more meaningful than when people become attached to your brand. When brand attachment occurs, marketers can predict consumers’ behaviors to include using significant resources such as time, money, and reputation. And then comes true brand loyalty.

Applying this theory to practice, companies should create useful, meaningful and culturally relevant brands that reflect values and resembles how consumers see themselves.

To find out how attached consumers are to your brand, ask the question: To what extent is (your brand name) a part of you and who you are?