Some projects speak to you personally. My recent collaboration with Julian David Stone, writer/photographer extraordinaire was one. As kindred spirits, we enjoyed putting this project together as it was a time we both experienced first hand. Julian’s iconic pictures of one the most dynamic times in Rock and Roll features seminal shows, many that I had seen as well as other venues, around the U.S. and the UK.

Here are some kind words from Julian about our collaboration: “Working with Peter Robbins on my book, No Cameras Allowed: My Career as an Outlaw Rock and Roll Photographer was a true joy. He took my unorganized collection of over 1000 photos, and my scattered collection of ideas, and molded it all together into a fantastic coffee table book that I am so incredibly happy with. At every stage, he came up with one great idea after the next, and whenever problems arose, he always came up with very creative ideas of how to solve them. He also proved himself incredibly valuable when the creative work was done, staying with the project all the way to the end, and guiding me through the unbelievably complex process of dealing with printers. Peter is the best!”–Julian David Stone