The Head & The Heart Part 1 | The Affection Connection

What matters is not how much people like you but how much they are like you. It’s time to look beyond outcomes such as brand purchase and loyalty, and look to what really matters: the underlying psychological processes that contribute to these valuable outcomes. By looking at a consumer-psychology model, and focusing on the deepest […]

Life by Design

I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by art, design, and creativity. My parents met at the Harvard School of Design in the early 50’s. Mom was in Urban Planning, Dad in Architecture. Both followed the thinking of Louis Sullivan, mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright and father of modernism: form follows function. For them, designing […]

Motion Mindfulness Meditation

Having begun my design career in the age of analogue I have gone from drawing boards and a t square to the laptop and design application. In all this time there is one tool that has not changed one iota that’s the brain. How I use my brain to solve creative problems has remained constant […]

Secret Sauce

What takes design beyond just “good” can be elusive. How does a logo or poster, package design or advertisement connect at that deeply visceral level? Over the years I have come to realize ambiguity is the key component to great design. This concept seems counter intuitive. Shouldn’t great design be clean and clear expression of […]